EC Cadets Portugal

In the weekend the Danish national team participated in the EC cadets in Portugal, we had 10 players with, in a strong field with over 400 contestants. Saturday was the day for the light weights, where we had 4 players. The day started good with first fight victories to Soren Bruun -50, Jonas glistrup -55 and Christian hæstrup -66, unfortunately for these players they could not overcome their next opponents. For Anders B Olsen -55 the day started with a defeat against a German but the day was not over, the German went to the semi final and Anders had a chance to come back, so he won the next three fights in the repechage which translated into a 7th place in the first time in his new weight category. Sunday was the day for the remaining 6 fighters, Asta and Helene -57 aswell as Jonas -73 lost their first fight being eliminated early in the day. Sif -57 won her first, but could not pass her next two chances, and the day was also finished for her. In -63kg Lærke was seeded nr 4 and with a good draw she beat the two first fighters going into the semi final against Piovesana from GBR former nr 2 in the EC Zagreb, Lærke started the fight very good following the tactic agreed before hand, but Piovesana showed to be stronger sending Lærke to the bronze match. Here Lærke met an Italian and after 1:30min she threw for wazari with a tani-otoshi following up with an osaekomi for ippon, and her first EC medal was won. In -81 Thomas was seeded nr 2 which meant he was in the opposite side of the draw of his rival Jan Weber from GER former winner of EC Zagreb, Thomas won his first fight, but in his second fight in a distraction in newaza he lost to Trippel from GER who had placed 2nd in Bremen and that would finish the day as 1st in Portugal, so Thomas was in the repechage. Thomas wins three fights and reaches the bronze match against his rival Jan Weber. This means that I have to put my suit, and soon comes the bad news that both Thomas and Lærke are having their bronze medal fights at the same time in opposite ends of the sports hall, so in accordance with the two fighters we did a coin toss, which was won by Thomas. In a nervous fight Thomas starts good following the plan, and with 2min to go throws Weber for Yuko, from here a though 2min were still to come where Weber tried everything but Thomas showed he was stronger taking home his first EC medal. From Portugal that's all, Landstræner Miguel Ogando Lopes

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