EC Cadets Berlin

Last weekend, the Cadet team participated in the European Cup in Berlin, in this last European Cup for our team were present four fighters, in a field with 650 participants, and with a very strong team from Russia which had 3-4 fighters in each weight category. Saturday we had the light weights, and Anders B. Olsen in -55kg participating, his fight was against a german, and it started pretty well, with Anders dominating he grip and having the best attacks, and this translated in 2 shidos for the german, but in the last minute the german had a bigger phisical power that came over, countering Anders and finishing the fight in ne-waza, further on the german lost to a russian player that was in the semi-final, meaning that Anders did not go in the repechage. On sunday we had three players, and starting in the mat was Thomas Bjerregaard -81 that a few weekends back had got a bronze medal in Portugal, he faced a russian player, and in 50/50 situation, ippon was given to the russian player terminating the contest, the russian in his turn lost the next fighter to another russian, and Thomas was also out. Lærke Olsen in -63 was again seeded, and took this oportunity, her first fight against a known german that Lærke already fought several times, showed to be a very dificult fight, that finished with a beautifull ko-ouchi-makikomi in the last 10sec of the fight, and the first victory was acheived, Lærke would after fight a player from Israel, here she demonstrated her power and a convincing win with a throw for wazari and following up in newaza, her third fight would be against another german that beat the nr 4 seed Kuka from SUI, in a clever tactical fight Lærke was superior applying a fantastic strangle to win by ippon. In the semi-final she met nr 1 seed and strong german Reimann, Lærke lost by ippon, in a unlucky situation, but the plan is already developed on how to win agains Reimann. So this mean that Lærke would again be in the bronze match, this time against a russian player, a fight that was tough, and half way with an Uchimata, that first was given ippon then overrulled to wazari put Lærke in the lead, and dominating to the end the second medal of the season was home. Last player on the mat was Aleksader Joksimovic -100, with 4 russians in his weight category all of them seeded, it was expected a dificult day, Aleksander started very good with a win over a polish player with 2 wazaris, and in his second fight against a russian, where he was losing but with a beautifull ura-nage that put the sportshall screaming took the victory home, and so he was in the semi-final, here he met another russian, and in a controlled fight after half way, the russian took the best throwing Aleksander and leaving him with the bronze fight. In the bronze medal contest another russian was waiting, here the russian produced a suprisingly "flying" juji in the initial 10 seconds and took the victory, even though a 5th place for Aleksander. Tillykke til alle kæmper, Landstræner Miguel Ogando Lopes

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