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In this document you find all information about elite Judo in Danmark. 

Latest update: 21.2.2020 Qualification requirements Cadets + Juniors

2. Judo Danmark Camp Kontrakt

In this document you find all information regarding the Judo Danmark Camps. Every Club can sign up for hosting a Camp and the kontrakt is showing, what we expect of a host and what he gets out of it.

3. Landsholdet Teamwear orderform

This is the orderform for all national team players to order Judo gi or Teamwear. Since we are not ordering all the time there are some specific order dates.

20.1.2020 - Judo Gi

1.3.2020 Teamwear

1.7.2020 Judo Gi + Teamwear

Please keep the deadline for your oder, otherwise it will be ordered at the next date.

In 2020 Judo Danmark will launch the new Teamwear, which will exist til 2024. We are very happy of having the possibility to sign a new contract with Ippon Gear. As soon as we recieve the information of ippon gear we will start the first order.

Last update: 15.1.2020

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