3/04/2016 - Hårdt GP i Samsun til Danskerne

In the past weekend we participated in yet another Grand prix, this time in Samsun, Turkey.

Three players went on the mat to test their skills.

Anja Lunding -52kg met Bronze medalist of the Tbilisi Grand Prix in the previous weekend, Anja started very good, and was winning the match by a yumo and a shido until half the contest, then the korea came back to tie it, and in unfortunate situation, turned Anja for osaekomi in the last second of the match.

-73kg Anders Hvidkaer, faught a Frenchman silver medalist of the Grand Slam Tyumen, and got behind by a yuko early in the fight, but with good confidence, Anders came back and scored wazari and came in the lead of the fight, sadly in the next exchange he would get caught with a counter that gve the victory to the French player.

And last on the mat was Emilie Sook -70kg that faught multi European and World medalist from Hungary, the two had met before and the Hungarian had a game plan to destroy Emilies judo. In a fortunate situation she countered Emilie for wazari, which gave her the lead to take the fight home.

A bitter taste for Denmark, in a competition where everyone felt they could´ve past their fights. none the less, hard work continues.

Best regards, Miguel Ogando Lopes, Head Coach

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