30/05/2016 - Silver medal for Mathias in Portugal

In the past weekend the Cadet team participated in the last European Cup of the season. In the first day our three light weights were on. In 55kg Benjamin Bach won his two first fights and then was eliminated by Kurtashov from Russia who had won in Berlin, unfortunately the Russian lost in the 1/4 so no repechage for Benjamin. Also in 55 Jacob Agertoft in a pool with the first seed couldn't overcome his opponent and was out . In 60kg Jonas Czajkowski, won his first fight, and then met the later silver medalist from Russia, Jonas put up a good fight throwing for Yuko and giving the Russian 3 shidos but was caught with a wazari and was sent to the repechage. Here he won 2 fights and then was eliminated by yet another Russian, finishing in a 7th place. Sunday Mathias Madsen in 90kg brought a Silver medal home repeating his silver from last year. Mathias started as nr 2 seed and went all to the final to meet nr 1 seed and also winner of Berlin and Tver the Russian Kostoev, Mathias could not overcome the Russian and ends with a Silver Medal. Now one day training camp here and then home to prepare to the last tournament of the season the European Championships in Finland Congratulations to all. Head Coach Miguel Lopes

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