21/02/2016 - Dusseldorf Grand Prix

In the last weekend the Danish Judo Team participated at the Düsseldorf Grand Prix. We had 6 players fighting. Saturday: Anders Hvidkaer went 0-1 losing his battle to our neighbour Macias from Sweden, in a tight fight. Sebastian Juhl also 0-1 losing with a shido in a fight that had more time in Newaza than tachiwaza. Alexander Bakke went 1-1 winning against GRE with a beautiful shime waza, that would end up as highlight in EJU. Then lost to UKR in a match where he dominated until a minute to go. Last on Saturday was Emilie Sook that went 0-1 losing to Barnabeu from ESP last year silver medallist at the world championships, by 3shidos against 2 in a very controversial fight. Sunday, Oliver Nelmark lost his first bout, to AZE. Frederik Joergensen went 1-1 winning against ARG then losing to later winner from GER Peters. Now 4 days training camp before we come home. Good trainings for the whole team. All the best, Miguel Ogando Lopes Head Coach

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