20/03/2017 - Silver for Mathias at the first Junior EC of the year

In the weekend our Juniors participated in the first EC of the year in Coimbra, Portugal.

10 players were in action during the weekend.

On Saturday the light weights Benjamin Christensen -60 (0-1) Jacob Agertoft -60 finished 9th (2-2) Jonas Czajkowski -66 (1-1) and Anders Olsen -73 (1-1)

On Sunday we had our big girl troup in -63kg in action, 4 girls in the same division. Best result goes to Louise Hansen who finished 7th after going 3-2 on the day. Also good performance from Læerke after being absent from competition for the past few months do to an injury she finished 9th after going 2-2. Both Helene Christensen and Asta Hagelskjær went 0-1. Also on sunday Christian Hæstrup -81 (0-1)

To finish the weekend on a top note, Mathias Madsen in his first offcial tournament at -100kg captured a silver medal his third in a row in three years at the Coimbra European Cup after going 3-1 defeating on the way to the final the nr 1 seed and nr 4 in the Junior world ranking list.

Congratiolations to all

Best regards, Miguel Ogando Lopes - Head Coach

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