19/07/2014, EC Juniors Wroclaw, Poland

Last weekend, the Danish National Team participated in the EC Juniors in Wroclaw, we had 5 players: Anja Lunding in -52kg; Bjarke Christensen in -60kg; Anders Hvidkær in -66kg; Marcus Frehr in -73kg; and Sebastian Juhl in -81kg. The competition did not went so good for the danish fighters, with only 2 fights won. In Poland we had three days training camp, with a really high level of training, with seperate trainings for men and woman, and 2 sessions a day, the training camp was very though. And on top there was some of the best fighters in Europe and a very strong womens team from Japan and Kazahkstan. Just like some of the other teams in Europe, we are trying a new system, to try and cut the costs for everyone, and therefore we drove 11hours to Poland, just like in the week before with the senior team to the EC in Sindelfingen where we also had to drive 10 hours. Now we are home, and glad to come to Sommerlejr, where we have preparation, for the EC Juniors in Berlin, and where the senior team while have their start preparation for the World Championships in Russian in the end of August. Med venlig hilsen, Landstræner, Migue Ogando Lopes

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