15/05/2016 - Første mål nåede i Grand Prix Kazahkstan

In the weekend we participated in one more Grand Prix. This time in Almaty, Kazahkstan.

For Emilie Sook -70kg, the objective was to win at least one fight, making it her first win at an event with this importance.

Emilie had in her first round a russian player who was better ranked than her, but with a big will, Emilie dominated the fight and with a left uchimata she scored a yuko which gave her, her first victory at a Grand Prix. In the second round Emilie would meet the nr.2 seed from Mongolia, here Emilie could not overcome her opponent that would end up the day with a silver medal. With this win Emilie earns 36 points, and moves 25 places in the world ranking list.

Congrats to Emilie achieving her short term goal.

Best regards,

Miguel Ogando Lopes, Head Coach

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