12/07/2014, EC Sindelfingen, Tyskland

In the past weekend, the Senior national team participated in the EC in Sindelfingen. After a 10 hour drive, we arrived at Sindelfingen, there was time to do the acreditation, check the weights, and attend the draw. Our fighters had a good draw, so a good weekend ahead was expected. On Saturday, we had Alexander Bakke -73kg, starting the competition for Denmark. First fight ended very fast with a quick transition to newaza juji-gatame was on, and Alexander finished his oponent in 20 seconds. Second fight, tactically very good Alexander throws the German two times, first yuko and after a while ippon, next around would be against top favourite and bronze medalist in the European Championships 2013 french Pierre Duprat, plan was on, but unfortunatly Alexander gets caught in a uchimata and loses. In the repechage, Alexander beats a Kazahkstaner again with a good juji-gatame, after he had already thrown for wazari. Next fight for access to the bronze medal, Alexander loses to the Romanian and so finishes with a fantastic 7th place. Landstæner, Miguel Ogando Lopes

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