11/9/2016 - First medal ever at the IJF tour for Denmark

This weekend we participated in the first IJF event after the Rio Olympics Games, the European Open Tallin, Estonia.

Saturday Anja -52kg finished in the honor table with a 7th place. Anja won her first match after throwing her opponent 2 times for wazari. Match nr two against Top seed from GBR, Anja faugh a very tough match that went 3:22 in the golden score, Anja ended up getting countered and being relegated to the repechage. In the repechage Anja was leading the match by wazari until 40 seconds to go, but a smaller distraction cost us the fight and Anja finishes with a honorable 7th place. Sunday,

Emilie Sook made history for Danish Judo, Emilie took a bronze medal home after going 2-1.

In her bronze match she brilliantly applied a armlock after a fast transition from standing to bring the medal home. She is the first player ever to get a medl in a IJF World Tour event. After a broken elbow in June, Emilie comes back to bring a medal home in her return to competition.

Congratiolation to both girls for representing Denmark with two results out of two possible!

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