07/06/2015 - Silver at the Junior EC Leibnitz

Fourth weekend in a row on tour for Danish Judo, and again one more medal.

This time Emilie Sook took the silver at the Junior European Cup in Leibnitz - Austria. Emilie came to the competition as nr 3 seed. So she sat out in the first round. Then after 2 convincing wins, she was in the semi final, here she beat GBR player in a good tactical match, and one more time in the final of a European Cup.

The final was against HUN, Emilie lost her match, where she dominated the whole time but a small distraction falling for yuko cost the vicotry. We take this home to work on and come back stronger.

Thomas unfortunately only had one match. Now a good and hard training camp waits.

With my best regards, Miguel Ogando Lopes, Head Coach

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