06/07/2014 EM Cadet Grækanland

In the weekend the cadet national team participated in the European Championships for Cadets in Athens. The team was constituted by Lærke Olsen in -63kg from Hillerød Judo Club; Thomas Bjerregaard in -81kg from Amager Judo Skole and Aleksander Joksimovic in +90kg from Brønshoj Judo Club the fighters were accompanied by national coach Miguel Lopes. The team arrived in Athens on the 3/7 were we just relaxed, made sure to check the weight, and waited for 20:00 to see the draw. On friday the 4/7 we had no players competing so we could sleep in late, we went to the sportshall to see the low weight categories, and did some training to lose the last grams, and to get to know the arena and warm up area, so things won´t be strange from the competition days. We went back to the hotel early so everyone had a good rest for the competiton. Saturday the 5/7, was the day for the -63kg category, Lærke had fight nr 15 against an Ukranian that she had lost to in EC Zagreb in the beggining of the year, we made a game plan in the warm up area, and the fight started with Lærke throwing for yuko in a tani-otoshi, the fight continued and after a while Lærke produces a fantastic ippon-seio-nage for ippon and advances to the next round. The second round was against an unknown georgian, this time the fight starts with a high tempo, and the georgian gets a shido after the first seconds, after a while Lærke throws the georgian with ippon-seio-nage for yuko, and in a unfortunate situation Lærke gets countered with ura-nage after a failed makikomi for ippon. The Georgian loses the next fight and Lærke ends her participation in the EM. Sunday the 6/7 was Thomas and Aleksander´s time to go on the mat, Thomas is meeting a Portuguese in the first round, and the fight develops has planned during warm-up, and Thomas gets ahead with yuko from an osoto-gari, the fight continues and Thomas makes the Portuguese get 3 shidos, and in a grip dispute Thomas can´t grip the Portuguese´s hand and gets thrown for ippon. The Portugues loses the next fight and Thomas is also out. Aleksander is scheduled to meet a player from Serbia who weighs 43kg more, so we expect a difficult fight, the fight starts with Aleksander avoiding several attempts of the Serbian´s harai-makikomi, and after that Aleksander gets in front giving the Serbian a shido for dropping, unfortunatly in another attempt the Serbian throws Aleksander with harai-makikomi for wazari and holds him down. The Serbian wins the next fight against the Russian winner of EC Teplice, but loses the next fight against the Austrian in a very close match, and Aleksander is also out. We go home with a bitter flavour, now the players have a well diserved vacation until the season starts again in August. Landstræner Miguel Ogando Lopes

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