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Latest update for kaemper: 15.1.2020

David showed this weekend in Follonica a very good performance and got home with his second medal of a European Cup. Congratulations David keep up the good work.
Around 40 Danish players met for a camp in Ramløse to prepare for the Matsumae Cup next week. The main focus of the camp was on transition to ne-waza, newaza and how to create a professional warming up. a big thank you to Judoclub Ramløse and to the coaches.
This weekend we were at the Belgium Open in Herstal. Our girls had a lot of good matches. As a result we have 3 wins on our account, but it could have been more, because some got lost in Golden Score or were very close over the time.
Det danske hold er nu klar til at vende næsen hjemad med en flot sølvmedalje til Sif Bouju, -57kg, ved dette års Reykjavik Judo Open. Stort tillykke fra hele Judo Danmark!
Efter 5 kampe, 3 vundne og to tabte, ender Emilie Sook på en meget flot 5. plads ved Tel Aviv Grand Prix. Emilie viste judo på højt niveau og er nu et par skridt tættere på OL 2020...

Right after Linz a part of the team went home and the other part went on to the OTC in Mittersill AUT. Mittersill is one of the biggest camps in the world with around 1200 players out of 52 nations. Our team got a lot of good randori there with the best players of the World.

On the 2nd of January a Delegation of 28 fighters and 4 coaches made themselves on the way to the camp in Linz AUT. It was a very good camp with a good mixture of Randori and Technic. All our players got very good training there and had a good start in the year.

A part of the junior and senior national team went for a two weeks camp to Japan and trained at the Tokai University. It was a very good trip with a lot of good Randoris with the Japanese and some other top players of the world. At the same time we did Training there, also the teams of Slovenia,...
The Judo Denmark Camp in December took place in Ørsø. The Camp went really well and 40 Fighters out of 14 different Clubs were joining. The main focus on this camp was on setting up throws with Ashi-waza and throw in all directions out of the same gripping...

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